Song of the Day – “Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne” – Looking Glass

Looking Glass was known for “Brandy”, and you can be excused if you think that this starts out sounding just like that classic.

This track from their second album, Subway Serenade, did barely squeak into the Top Forty, but it wasn’t enough to keep the band going, and Looking Glass broke up shortly thereafter.

iPhoneography Apps – Uptown & Co.: Graphic Curiosity

I’ve been writing weekly tutorials for nearly four years now. I write them because I like to see my readers get inspired by them, trying new apps and techniques. I have not tried to monetize these tutorials, because I don’t do them for financial rewards. It helps me continue, though, when I’m able to pick up some of the apps I cover for free. I keep an eye out for free apps with another app called Apps Gone Free. I found today’s app through it becoming free for a day last week. (It normally sells for $1.99.)


The app with the odd name Uptown & Co. comes from Roadrocks, and it produces “vintage filters and insignias”. They developed it to create custom signatures for your images, but the insignia are too large and overwhelming for that. It really is more for inexpensive graphic advertising, where the company name is paramount. I don’t have much need for an app like that, so my first criterion for an app, usefulness, has to be set aside. Let’s look at ease of use and quality of results to help you determine whether it’s worthwhile to you.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “It’s Different for Girls” – of Montreal

Kevin Barnes and the gang (if there is one this time) has/have released their eighteenth album, Innocence Reaches. In this song, he speaks to the MRAs out there.

Though some demons are women,
For every one psycho chick,
There’s 10,000 hateful pricks

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “1999”

Prince – The Shout Out Louds

Looking forward; looking back.

I hope this video stays out there – Prince videos have a way of disappearing.

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999

In 1982, 1999 seemed impossibly far away. Personally, I knew that I’d be forty before the end of 1999. But this song is such a great reminder of the ethos “live fast, die young”. I didn’t feel the same way when 1999 actually arrived – did you?


I do remember
Like a punch in the face
I never felt so alive since 19 19 99
The time that we got it all out

This Swedish band released Work in 2010, and it included this look back at 1999, back to when they were even younger than I was in 1982.

Song of the Day – “Heaven Must Be There” – The Eurogliders

The Eurogliders were a six-piece Australian band fronted by singer Grace Knight, and this 1984 song from their debut album was a worldwide hit. Knight went on to a career as a jazz soloist after the group disbanded in 1989.

Song of the Day – “Wild Cat” – Venuti/Lang

Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang were precursors to Stephane Grapelli (violin) and Django Reinhardt (guitar).

This jaunty little tune is from 1927, 89 years ago.

Song of the Day – “Tour de France” – Kraftwerk

A very happy 60th to Ralf Hutter of the electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. I love the harp-like glissandos on this tribute to the bicycle race. I’d be breathing way heavier than this if I was cycling over the mountains, if I was breathing at all.


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