Song of the Day – “Shoot Out the Lights” – Richard Thompson

In the dark who can see his face?
In the dark who can reach him?
He hides like a child
He hides like a child

In 1982, Richard Thompson encountered some dark times with the breakup with his wife and musical partner, Linda. It seems to have been his fault, but that doesn’t keep the dark times from coming in.

Song of the Day – “Rambo” – Manhattan Transfer

If there was any group that I would give anything to be good enough to be a part of, this is it. The were always magical, whether vocalizing jazz numbers or singing pop or Latin music.

This performance from thirty years ago, in conjunction with their Vocalese album, shows them at their peak. With the passing of Tim Hauser two years ago, we will never see their like again.

Song of the Day – “Everything” – The Shazam

I chanced upon this collection of the Not Lame label, Six Years of Power Pop! It’s pretty awesome, and introduced me to many obscure bands in my favorite genre.

The Shazam were a quartet from Nashville, and contributed a number from their 1997 debut to this collection.

Song of the Day – “Lines on My Face” – Peter Frampton

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife! I play this song not because she has any lines on her face, but because Frampton is one of her favorite artists.

And a happy birthday to Mr. Springsteen also! #67

Song of the Day – “Say You Love Me” – Fleetwood Mac

Have mercy baby
on a poor girl like me

A Christine McVie song? Of course. She was always my favorite.

iPhoneography Apps – Up Against the Wall: Graffiti Me and Fotoffiti

There are thousands of photography/art apps on the App Store, and some of them are extreme specialized. That’s the case with the two apps I’ll be covering this time: Graffiti Me by Bluebear Technologies Ltd and Fotoffiti by amioli. Each take your image, run a Threshold filter on it, and apply it to a wall as if you’ve stenciled it there. Each allow you to add extra paint and text. Each also run on both the iPhone and the iPad, but limit the iPad version to portrait orientation. And each will cost you about a dollar, if you don’t get them free on their frequent promotions.

Let’s start with a look at Graffiti Me.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “If I Ever Was a Child” – Wilco

The new album Schmilco dropped earlier this month, with brilliant cover artwork from surrealist Joan Cornellà.