Song of the Day – “Keep This Party Going” – The B-52’s

New Year’s Eve! Let’s keep this party going!

From the B’s 2007 CD, Funplex.


Song of the Day – “China – Yellow Leader” – Andy Summers and Robert Fripp

Andy Summers of the Police and Robert Fripp of King Crimson teamed up for a couple of trippy albums in the early eighties.

I don’t care much for the title, but since it’s an instrumental, I’ll just ignore it and move on.

Song of the Day – “Outta-Space” – Billy Preston

There are a lot of people that can (and do) lay claim to being the fifth Beatle. Of course, George Martin was the fifth Beatle, given his contribution to their music. But Billy Preston played a lot of keyboards on Abbey Road and Let It Be, and that makes him Beatle 5.5, in my book.

This instrumental was his first solo hit, and it’s a terrific way to get your day going.

Song of the Day – “Up on the Roof” – The Nylons

Despite many personnel changes over the past 30 years, the Nylons, a Canadian acapella group, are still going strong. Their cover of the Drifters song shows how sometimes, all you need is the human voice.

Song of the Day – “In a Big Country” – Big Country

Now this is a guitar band! There are times I could swear there are eleventy-six guitars up there.

Scotland isn’t that big a country; I wonder if Stuart Adamson and the band were being ironic, or talking about somewhere else?

iPhoneography Apps: Infinicam


Here’s a nifty little app that purports to give you an infinite number of looks for your photos. That, of course, is not possible, but they could have over a million. The name of the app is Infinicam, and it’s one I really like to play with.

Infinicam is not a universal app; when I run it on my iPad I have to hit the 2X button to have it fill the screen. But it will save the photos in full resolution, so they look better after saving than they do in the app.

Rather than giving you a blank screen to start, bringing up the app brings you to a screen that has hints on how to use Infinicam. Along the top are buttons for taking a picture, loading a picture from your library, cropping the picture, and saving the result to your Camera Roll.

Infinicam start

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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Doesn’t Shake Me” – The Goodnight Loving

This pop-punk-country band from Madison, Wisconsin takes its name from a cattle trail of the 1800s, the Goodnight-Loving trail. Watch out for that rattler! (Oh, it’s just a tambourine.)