Song of the Day – “Angel’s Heap” – The Finn Brothers

Those of you who have kept up with my Song of the Day know that I am a big fan of New Zealand’s Finn Brothers. Tim started Split Enz, while Neil was behind Crowded House (artists on my first Song of the Day over 4 years ago).

After both groups went their separate ways, the brothers got together for a series of releases including 1995’s Finn. They continued to release material together and separate until 2005, and now Crowded House has re-formed. Could Split Enz be far behind? Only time will tell.


Song of the Day – “Don’t Be Cruel” – Elvis Presley

I’ve been seeing the trailer for The Heat. Sandra Bullock is explaining that her Spanx help keep everything in, and Melissa McCarthy exclaims in wonder, “What in the hell’s gonna fall out of there?”

That’s the same thing I wonder about the King of Rock and Roll. What did the network executives think was going to happen? What forced them to make the decision to shoot him from the waist up?

From 1956, the year that my parents were married. Happy Birthday Mom!

Song of the Day – “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” – The Jacksons

Long before the incessant marketing of “energy drinks”, we would get our non-pharmacological boost from our music. Whenever my college roommate needed a little extra something to go from class to the radio station to writing his comic strip for the newspaper, he would play this – 24/7.

This one goes out to Mr. Kukla.

Song of the Day – “Tell Her She’s Lovely” – El Chicano

Like Santana, El Chicano was a Mexican-American band from California. Unlike Santana, they stayed together largely without any hits to propel them forward. This “salsa soul” number only made it to #40 back in 1973.

iPhoneography Apps – AntiCrop

Before I get to this week’s app (AntiCrop by Adva-Soft) I want to update my previous post about Snapseed. In my previous review I commented on the new Frames module, updated when Google bought out Nik software and released Snapseed as a free app. While liking the addition of multiple frame styles, I complained that it was at the expense of these new styles coming in a static width – the user could no longer adjust the frames to be thin or thick.

Their new update changes that. With a simple pinch, the frames are now adjustable, as seen in the screenshots below. Thanks, Google! I can now say I influenced a megacorporation (even though that is in no way true).

Snapseed Frames

Now on to this week’s app. I was prompted to review this because Adva-Soft has released a new app called Handy Photo. I have not yet purchased Handy Photo, because it incorporates the capabilities of AntiCrop and TouchRetouch (reviewed on January 16), along with some nice-looking filters and textures, but at the expense of app bloat. Handy Photo weighs in at a whopping 121 megabytes – almost three times the space that AntiCrop and TouchRetouch take up combined. I’ve got a 16GB iPad, and I’ve got to be careful what I load onto it, since I’m already working with the final GB of storage and so have to purge apps in order to make room for new ones. The capabilities of new apps have to outweigh the space needed to store the apps, and Handy Photo does not yet make the cut, since I already own both TouchRetouch and AntiCrop.

At the same time, I hope that Adva-Soft continues to develop the two smaller apps, and does not abandon them to solely work on Handy Photo. I find them so valuable that it would be a shame to lose them.

AntiCrop is one of those apps that does one thing and does it well. It extends the edges of your photos, using the photo itself to dictate what should go into the extended area.

AntiCrop splash

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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Glorified High” – Sarah Jaffe

Texas troubadour Sarah Jaffe obviously has a lot of confidence. She would have to if she’s willing to turn her video over to such a talented young dancer, as she does here.

From 2012’s The Body Wins.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Tenderness”

General Public

As a Christmas present last year I received the box set of The English Beat, The Complete Beat. General Public was the offshoot of the English Beat that featured Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger, and they had bigger hits than the parent group. This 1984 gem is from their debut, …all the rage.


Janis Ian

Janis Ian has a lot of tender songs, but this number from her 1995 release Revenge is a tad more uptempo than you might expect for a song called “Tenderness”.