Song of the Day – “Give Me the Flowers While I’m Living” – Champion Jack Dupree

Would rock ‘n’ roll have existed without the blues? Lawd, no.

Champion Jack Dupree was a blues pianist that made his greatest recorded impression during the early 1950s – like this number. He was brought up in the New Orleans’ Colored Waifs’ Home for Boys, just like Louis Armstrong (though he came along a few years after Satchmo had left for Chicago).


Song of the Day – “My Brain Is Like a Sieve” – Thomas Dolby

This great song from 1988’s Aliens Ate My Buick has a bonus on the original: a one-word spoken cameo from Ed Asner that was clipped from a 1960s crime drama (“Murder!”). That is not included in this live version from last year.

But that great harmony is. On the original Dolby doubled himself, but here the harmony is handled very well indeed by drummer Mat Hector. (“Dolby doubled”. There’s a This Is Spinal Tap joke in there, for anyone who is as obsessive about the movie as I am.)

iPhoneography Apps: Paint FX

The App Store is full of apps that will make changes to your photos with one click or tap. Instagram will apply filters with one stroke and immediately share them with the world. Instant Sketch or MySketch will turn your pictures into a drawing. AutoPainter (the original or the separate apps 2 and 3) will create a work of art in the manner of Cezanne, Van Gogh or Monet. Dynamic Light will bring an intense HDR look to your photos. Noir will create an intense, spot-lighted B&W photo, and Geló (which I have yet to review) will tint your photos with vibrant color.

But what if your taste or style runs to mixing those styles – perhaps a tinted subject on a sketched background? In that case, Paint FX by Sprite Labs may be the app for you.

Paint FX Example

Paint FX allows you to “paint” the effects you choose onto your photo, wherever you want. It also allows you to access textures, grunge, and blends from the web, as well as choose colors for tinting, and customize sketches and HDR parameters.

Paint FX splash

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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Venice” – The Lighthouse and the Whaler

The Lighthouse and the Whaler are an Ohio trio that I know absolutely nothing about – I don’t even know where I heard this song in the first place.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this song from their debut, This Is an Adventure.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “It’s Over”

Lisa Loeb

It seems that the break-up of a relationship is a common theme for songs. Imagine that.

About three years ago I posted songs by Boz Scaggs and ELO called “It’s Over”; now it’s time for Lisa Loeb and Level 42.

Lisa Loeb is an incredible musician and songwriter. You might not guess it from her “girl with a guitar” persona, but just listen to the changes this song goes through – changes in tempo, key, mood. All from just a girl with a guitar.


Level 42

One of the few ballads from the bass-led band Level 42. From 1988’s Staring at the Sun.


Song of the Day – “Heaven’s Falling” – Cheap Trick

Is there any kind of music that screams summer more than power pop? Roll down the windows and blast some Beatles, some Cars, some…Cheap Trick!

This is from their 1983 album, Next Position Please, and was produced and written by Todd Rundgren – no slouch at power pop himself.

Song of the Day – “Florida Room” – Donald Fagen

On Fagen’s second solo LP post-Steely Dan, 1993’s Kamakiriad, he continued putting out the sly, jazzy music we loved. Although this is more an “end-of-summer” song, what with the “when the cold winds blow” lyrics, it still has  a feel that works well here at the beginning of summer.

Who wouldn’t like to head into their Florida Room?