Song of the Day – “Summertime’s Calling Me” – The Catalinas

It’s Labor Day weekend in the States, and that means it’s the unofficial end of summer. But the Catalinas, a staple of the Carolina beach music scene, remind us that summertime is always calling. From 1975, the end of the heyday of Carolina beach music.


iColorama video tutorial – Release 3.4

After the smashing success of my previous video tutorials, wasn’t it inevitable that there would be a third? iColorama 3.4 has a new user interface and some new features that are better explained by seeing them in action. So I made a video.

Song of the Day – “Tighter, Tighter” – Alive ‘n Kickin’

A gloriously fun one-hit wonder from 1970, written and produced by Tommy James and released on his Roulette label. AM radio was filled with gems like this back then – as well as some schlock, admittedly.

Song of the Day – “Limbo Rock” – Chubby Checker

The same guy who brought us the Twist also wanted us to throw out our backs at large gatherings by doing the Limbo. Chubby Checker brought us this national #2 hit back in 1962, a year after an instrumental version by the Champs debuted the song.

iPhoneography Apps: Mextures Part 1

With the advent of digital photography, people were suddenly able to make their photos look incredible. No more messing with chemicals or turning your film over to someone else messing with chemicals. No more wondering if the film you used was old, or if dropping your camera might have cracked the case and introduced a light leak. No more waiting to see if the film had snapped, or you had your finger in the way, or the flash hadn’t gone off, or any number of other things that could make you lose a moment, or a whole roll full of moments.

There are also many apps that help you with your digital shots, so that even if there’s dust on the lens, or a bad white balance, you can nearly immediately produce a clear shot.

So what is one of the hottest categories of apps today? Grunge apps, that take those pristine shots and make them look as though they’ve been sitting in a shoe box for years – the same shoe box that the film was stored in for years before exposure. I’m going to be discussing Mextures (by Merek Davis), one of the newest apps in this category, in a series of posts.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Hawk Eyes” – The Kicks

This Nashville band rocks it. Once again, a band that I would classify as power pop, with falsetto backing vocals and harmonies over crunching guitar. This is my kinda music.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Don’t Look Back”

She & Him – Huey Lewis & the News

I’m a sucker for retro, especially when it’s looking into the future from the past. Zooey Deschanel and M Ward make new music that sounds retro, but the video for this song from Volume 2 is like a ride into Tomorrowland.


It’s not often that a band will namecheck another band and get it so right.

Woman left for another man
Took your car and a steely dan

At least she’s enjoying herself.