Song of the Day – “Monster” – Caravan of Thieves

This is gory, this is tragic
This is just another story for the young lovers

On a slab down in the basement, in the laboratory
There’s a new subject under the cover

I recall the mindless days before the transformation
Before the amputation of
My heart and frontal lobe

The probe that reached inside my nose and crawled up the walls
And ripped out my soul

Love made a monster out of me

What’s more appropriate for Halloween than a little gypsy music? Imagine them moving by night, under the full moon, through the lands of Eastern Europe. What’s that sound? Something not of this earth?

From their 2012 CD, Funhouse.


iPhoneography Apps: ClassicSAMP

Last time I discussed Fotomecha, an app which shoots multiple photos and combines them into a single image. Now I’ll cover ClassicSAMP by misskiwi, an app with the same basic function but a few twists.

There’s no splash screen or menu for ClassicSAMP; you are taken directly to the viewfinder to start shooting.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Oh Lies” – Piney Gir

Piney Gir is a nickname Angela Penhaligon acquired at an early age in Kansas. It became her stage name when she emigrated to London at the age of 24.

This track, from 2011’s Geronimo!, is accompanied by a video that is a mini horror film shot on super 8 – perfect for this week.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Candy”

Magnetic Fields – The Manhattan Transfer

With Halloween just a couple of days away, many minds are turning to Candy…

Candy, it’s been really nice, but I’ve got to go
‘Cause I can’t be the part of your life you don’t wanna know

Both of today’s songs, however, deal with women named Candy rather than the treats in Halloween bags. The Magnetic Fields are having a hard time at the end of a relationship with their Candy. From their 1991 sophomore release, The Wayward Bus.


As for The Manhattan Transfer – well, their Candy’s dandy. A Mack David-penned tune they covered on their eponymously-named debut back in 1975.

Song of the Day – “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” – Elton John

John released a great, underrated album in 1983 called Too Low for Zero. This was the centerpiece (along with “I’m Still Standing”), but other great tracks include “Cold as Christmas”, “One More Arrow”, “Crystal”, “Kiss the Bride” and the title track.

Song of the Day – “Danza Paraguaya” – Enrique Coria

Agustín Barrios (Mangoré) was a Paraguyan classical guitarist of the twenties and thirties. His piece, “Paraguayan Dance”, is here interpreted by Enrique Coria, an Argentinian guitarist who plays occasionally with the David Grisman Quintet. It’s on volume 1 of a series Acoustic Disc: 100% Handmade Music which was started by Grisman and the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

Song of the Day – “Big Bad World” – Cathy Saint

It’s been a while since I played a “girl group” number, the type of song that was all over the airwaves back in the early sixties.

This number from 1963 was a Jeff Barry production on a Leiber and Stoller label (Daisy), but I can find absolutely nothing about Saint. Even the liner notes of Girl Group Sounds Lost and Found, the package where I found the song, has no info.