Song of the Day – “The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful” – Jimmy Buffett

It’s been a cold winter here on the east coast of the US. Don’t despair, though, because it’s only a matter of time before you can bask in the sun to some Jimmy Buffett.

Don’t we all need some time for to play?


Song of the Day – “My Baby Loves Lovin’” – White Plains

Yet another Tony Burrows group. Burrows was the “go-to guy” for producers trying to make a hit with their house musicians. He sang for many made-up bands; I’ve already featured Edison Lighthouse, The Brotherhood of Man, and First Class.

All hail this faceless superstar! (Well, you can see his face in this video, but you certainly wouldn’t recognize him.) 

iPhoneography Apps: PaintFX Revisited Part 3

In the first two parts of this tutorial on PaintFX, we discussed the new community and contest features, and showed how to apply the effects using the brush and/or masks. But we haven’t shown you all the effects that are possible in this app, and that’s what this final article will do.

We’re going to use this photo of my hand over a rug as out test subject. I have tapped the Crop button in the lower right to eliminate the default square crop, as discussed in Part 2. Please notice the top edge of the photo, as that’s going to be important when we bring it into the workspace.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “A Feather’s Not a Bird” – Rosanne Cash

Rosanne, daughter of Johnny Cash and Vivien Liberto, had a different career arc than most children of famous singers. Although she started singing after high school on her father’s tours, she carved her own niche in the music world soon thereafter and hasn’t had to endure constant comparison with the Man in Black.

She’s come out with her first disc of new material in many years (The River & the Thread) and, while not spectacular, it’s a solid addition to her catalog.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “City Song”

Howard Jones – Imperial Teen

Howard Jones returns to Song of the Day with a track from 1992’s In the Running.

His usual optimism is somewhat tempered in lines like:

When does a vision of heaven become a living hell
Ten million souls vibrating, they’re acting it out for real


Imperial Teen, a San Francisco band formed by Faith No More’s keyboardist Roddy Bottum(?), tells us to move to an ashram. I haven’t heard that advice in many decades.

From 2002’s On.

Song of the Day – “(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)” – The Stranglers

So let me get this straight – is the title of the song really supposed to be just “Grip”? Is that why all the parentheses are there?

The first single from The Stranglers, off their 1977 debut, Rattus Norvegicus.

The worst crime I ever did
Was play some rock ‘n’ roll.

Song of the Day – “Housewife’s Choice” – Derrick and Patsy

A cute 1961 ska song from Derrick Morgan and Patsy Todd. I’m still not sure what the “Housewife’s Choice” is.