Song of the Day – “Big Boned Gal” – k. d. lang

The sound on this video is muddy, but lang is having such a good time that I had to use this version. It comes from back when she was singing with the Reclines, and is one of my favorites.

She was a big-boned gal from southern Alberta
You just couldn’t call her small


Song of the Day – “Ooh La La” – The Ditty Bops

Amanda and Abby are known for their quirky harmonies as the Ditty Bops, but they can sing the blues as well. Here’s a tune from their 2004 debut.

iPhoneography Apps – PopAGraph Part 2

In the last entry we started discussing the PopAGraph app. One thing I didn’t mention is that typing the name of the app over and over is like typing a secure password – all those random capitals!

But that’s my problem, not yours. At this point, our image is masked and ready for “popping”. Notice that in the screenshot below, I’ve moved on to the Filter portion of the workflow. Even though the masking red is not shown, the image is divided by the mask into two sections – the background and the popped portions. Each portion can have a different filter applied to it by using the buttons at the bottom.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “The Rest Is Silence” – Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra

The first comment on this video says it sounds like a Twin Peaks sequel. High praise and completely true.

Just two days ago I was commenting on male singers in falsetto, and last week I said I don’t care for Neil Finn’s falsetto. Dan’s voice is strong and smooth, and that makes all the difference.

From the 2012 EP, The Eternal Mystery of the Human Heart.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Break Your Heart”

Barenaked Ladies – Natalie Merchant

Here at Song of the Day, I try to balance between songs that will bring back memories, and songs you should have heard. Today’s two ballads fall into the latter category.

Steven Page’s “Break Your Heart” is served well in this live version, because it allows him to let go more than he did on 1996’s Born on a Pirate Ship.


Warning: if you’re depressed, make sure you watch the video rather than just listen. The video has a redeeming moment at the end, but Merchant’s lyrics don’t. From 1998’s Ophelia.

People ruthless, people cruel
The damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It’s enough to make you lose your mind

Song of the Day – “Automatic” – Pointer Sisters

Alright, I have to admit – I was very familiar with this song before I realized it was the Pointer Sisters. Male singers often go into falsetto and sing in a female register – but the reverse is seldom true. Ruth Pointer is singing right in the middle of my range here, well below your standard male pop singer.

The album, Break Out, was released in 1984, making this one of those “30 years ago” songs. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take up every Monday with them again.

Song of the Day – “Down to the Waterline” – Dire Straits

35 years ago today, Dire Straits played their first American concert in Boston. Their first album was already out, and this song led it off. It also was the B-side to another Song of the Day, “Sultans of Swing”.

35 years prior to this, World War 2 was still raging. Just thought I’d give you a comparison.

She can see him on the jetty where they used to go
She can feel him in the places where the sailors go
When she’s walking by the river and the railway line
She can still hear him whisper
Let’s go down to the waterline