Song of the Day – “Opportunity” – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

In 1980, Elvis and the band released a tribute to the sound of the Stax/Volt soul singles of the sixties called Get Happy!!. This slinky tune with marvelous bass work from Bruce Thomas is full of the wordplay that Costello was known for.

She was sitting pretty on a velvet cushion
But her bedroom eyes were like a button she was pushing


I’m in the foxhole, I’m down in the trench
I’d be a hero but I can’t stand the stench

I’m not really sure what ties this to a clip from Daniel Boone in which Fess Parker battles an evil twin Mingo (Ed Ames). Just go with the flow.


Song of the Day – “Mister Sandman” – Pomplamoose

It’s my mom’s 82nd birthday, so I’ll post this song that I know she likes in a new version.

It’s a standard, recorder over and over by the likes of the Andrews Sisters, the Chordettes, and Emmylou Harris. Nataly and Jack of Pomplamoose give it the Les Paul/Mary Ford treatment, overdubbing the vocals multiple times, with the help of Ryan Lerman on guitar.

(By the way, the song finishes a couple of minutes in. Don’t feel pressured to listen the the last couple of minutes.)

Song of the Day – “Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd

The anti-conformity anthem of the eighties.

At least I think that’s what they’re trying to get across. A person’s value is not in being another brick in the wall; but education helps you realize your value, if done correctly.

“We don’t need no education”? Actually, you do, and you’re not going to learn if you think that anarchy, destruction and fire are the best solutions to the problem of being forced into a conformity you don’t desire or need.

Song of the Day – “Memo to Human Resources” – They Might Be Giants

A pretty little ditty from 2004’s The Spine, in which the narrator explains that he’s really OK, he’ll just ride here in the back.

Song of the Day – “Maybellene” – Chuck Berry

When Leonard Chess first heard the demo tape of a song called “Ida Red” back in May 1955, he knew the song about a woman and some fast cars would have broad appeal. Could he have predicted it would have broken out quite so fast, and that Chuck Berry would become a worldwide sensation by the end of the year?

I’m not sure where this video was made. Germany, perhaps? Regardless, it would have to have taken a superhuman effort on the part of the straitlaced audience to not tap their feet, at the very least.

iPhoneography Apps – Dramatic Black & White

Last February I covered an app called Noir, which is a fast, and not very customizable, monochrome app. JixiPix’s Dramatic Black and White, available in separate iPhone and iPad versions, is much more customizable, with a wealth of presets that make good starting places for your conversion to black and white (or tinted black and white).


Dramatic Black & White looks similar to other JixiPix products; the left side of the screen is the workspace and the right houses the presets and adjustments. As usual, the app allows you to select from your albums or take a photo with the iOS camera. As usual, I suggest  you take your photos with other apps.

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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Queen of the Minstrels” – Mr. Day

A bit of sixties-style Northern Soul from Mr. Day (aka Eric Duperray). His 2012 release, Dry Up in the Sun, is a sound throwback to those sounds from the British mod scene. Here he covers a Curtis Mayfield song.