iPhoneography Apps: Point-and-shoot Slayer: 645 Pro Mk II

If you’ve read anything about the business of photography in the past couple of years, you’ve seen that small, inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras are dropping rapidly in sales. Why? Because most of us have a very capable camera in our pockets at all times: our phone. A number of apps have sprung up to expand the capability of the native phone, and 645 Pro Mk II (and its sister app, the not-quite-so-capable Pure Shot) is at the top of the heap.

The screen shot below is the title page of the 50-page manual that is included with the app and is accessed through the menu. Any app that requires a 50-page manual is complicated. I am going to brush across the surface of most of the features of 645 Pro, but you should be sure to read the manual, just as you should for any camera. (Believe me, I’m just as guilty as the next person of trying to work a camera and then, in frustration, resorting to the manual.)



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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Head to My Heart” – Elenowen

Elenowen is a husband-and-wife team that were inspired to band together after hearing Raising Sand, the collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. This is from their 2012 EP entitled, appropriately, EP.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Dear One”

George Harrison – The Scarlets

Thirty Three & 1/3, released in 1976, continued a string of great albums from the “quiet” Beatle.

I may not buy into his “spiritual insights”, but I still enjoy the music.


Going back sixty years to the dawn of doo-wop for this one from the Scarlets. They were Fred Parris’ group before he went on to form The Five Satins.

Song of the Day – “Let’s Get Out of This Country” – Camera Obscura

Sometimes you just want to get away and start again.

We’ll pick berries and recline
Let’s hit the road dear friend of mine
Wave goodbye to our thankless jobs
We’ll drive for miles maybe never turn off
We’ll find a cathedral city you can be handsome I’ll be pretty

From the Scottish band’s 2006 release of the same name.

Song of the Day – “Only in Your Heart” – America

Mary, have you seen better days?

America asked this question on their 1972 album Homecoming. Be sure to stick around for the psychedelic recapitulation at the end.

Song of the Day – “World Leader Pretend” – R.E.M.

I sit at my table and wage war on myself
It seems like it’s all, it’s all for nothing
I know the barricades
And I know the mortar in the wall breaks
I recognise the weapons, I’ve used them well

This is my mistake
Let me make it good
I raised the wall
And I will be the one to knock it down

From 1988’s Green. 26 years ago, for those of you keeping score.

Song of the Day – “Go Daddy-O” – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was part of the swing revival, and they’re still filling dance floors today. This is from their 1994 debut, and is written by bandleader Scotty Morris.

The video is footage of a dance group The Lindy Hops, and is utterly amazing. I have to wonder if the footage is sped up a little – not that it matters, because no matter what speed, what they do is amazing.