Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “America”

Spinal Tap – Yes

OK, which one is the parody? Spinal Tap serves up a bombastic combination of the “shining sea” vision of an immigrant and a sarcastic listing of “true America”.

We came like babies
From our home across the sea to see America
And the people opened up their arms
To welcome us, to America

We came like children
From a far and distant land to see America
And the golden sun of freedom
Filtered down to us, in America

And the people stood and stared
Loved us more than we had dared to, in America

Super highways here and there
Pretty womens everywhere
Brady Bunch and Smokey Bear
Buildings reaching to the sky
Afro-Sheen and apple pie

Jumbo jet begins to rise
A joyful nation waves its bye-byes

Each religion, race, and creed
Gets exactly what they need
God bless Johnny Appleseed



I already featured Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” back in January 2012, but Yes’ overblown cover of the song fits so perfectly with Spinal Tap that I had to include it. Get ready for ten and a half minutes of the kind of thing Spinal Tap parodies.


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