Song of the Day – “Charm School” – Elvis Costello

Back in 1983 Elvis released the album (Punch the Clock) with his only hit single, “Everyday I Write the Book”. It was full of well-crafted pop songs with the help of the TKO Horns and backup singers Afrodiziak. But those who thought he’d lost his edge were obviously not listening to the lyrics.

I’ve got a notion, I’ve got an angle
Take your dreams and promises
And put them through the mangle
They say it’s hell to finance too
And I just want to romance you

A site called Trunkworthy posts an Elvis Costello Song of the Week, and this was last week’s entry.

In this perpetual nightclub I’ll be yours eternal
Though the hours are long and the noise infernal
Just one shameful act or sometimes two
We make believe we’re making do

A sweet and sour birthday present to me! Listen to Steve Nieve’s keyboard hook: doesn’t it sound like the theme to “Summer of ‘42”?

Trying to make a living out of your down falling
Trying to make a living out of anything at all
Didn’t they teach you anything, except how to be cruel
In that charm school?


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