Song of the Day – “Hot Rod Lincoln” – Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

My pappy said
Son, you’re gonna
drive me to drinkin’
if you don’t stop drivin’ that
Hot Rod Lincoln

The first rap song? Nah. But Cody and His Airmen were among the first country-rock outfits, and their cover of this Charley/Stevenson song is the definitive version. From 1971’s Lost in the Ozone.


iColorama Guest Column – Blur – Heide Hoffman

Here is Heide’s third video. This one covers patterned blurs, which are fascinating.


How would you use them? Often they can be used in abstracts. But consider, also, that what are textures but abstracts? Usually low contrast abstracts with no huge color changes, but abstracts none the less. Just as an example of an abstract, I made a few brush strokes in Paint mode with some Water brushes.


Next I applied Blur 28, and fiddled with the Direction and Radius sliders.


Next I used Style>Painterly>Painter 2, Style>Tensor, Effects>Sharpen>2 and Effects>Raise>2.


Finally, I built a background using Blur again: Preset>Gradient, a couple of Textures, Blur, and Water-B (in the soon-to-be-released beta). I used Effects>Blend to bring in the brushstrokes, then Tone>Enhance 4.


Kinda nice for a couple of minutes’ work. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to abstracts. How about a surreal background blur?

HBlur_05Just experiment!

Song of the Day – “Boogie Down” – Eddie Kendricks

And I know I can satisfy

Mr. Kendricks was certainly not lacking in confidence. This hit for the falsetto singer of The Temptations was cut as a follow-up to “Keep on Trucking”, and was a late-1973 precursor to disco. Not that we should blame him.

iColorama Guest Column – Stamp – Heide Hoffman

Second in a series of guest articles by Heide Hoffman. This is the first video Heide produced, and it covers a feature I covered in June of 2013. Seeing it at work in a video might be helpful to you, so check it out!

Song of the Day – “Disturbance at the Heron House” – R.E.M.

“Disturbance at the Heron House”
A stampede at the monument
To liberty and honor under the honor roll
The gathering of grunts and greens
Cogs and grunts and hirelings
A meeting of a mean idea to hold

It does conjure some images, doesn’t it?

From Document.

iPhoneography Apps – Artista Impresso: JixiPix goes for the Monet

JixiPix Software is always coming up with new art-based photo manipulation apps. They’ve worked with oils with their Artista Oil; water with Artista Haiku and Aquarella; Japanese woodblock with Moku Hanga; pencils with Artista Sketch; even half-tone printing with PopDot.

Their new product, Artista Impresso, is less about the medium than the method. Impressionism is more about the feeling of movement and changing light than it is about the tools used. So it’s made with many short, rough strokes that literally give an impression of the subject.

As with most JixiPix products, there are separate apps for the iPhone and iPad, and should be bought separately. Many times I will buy the iPhone version and install it on both. In this case, I bought the iPad “HD” version alone, as I cannot see the detail on the iPhone.


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iColorama Guest Column – Tritone – Heide Hoffman

About six weeks ago I mentioned that I would be throwing enthusiasm noted open to guest columnists for iColorama tips and tutorials. This is my first guest column, from Heide Hoffman. She creates video tutorials that emphasize the value of playing with settings and sliders to get familiar with the capabilities of iColorama. She started with an entry on Preset>Tritone. I’ll be adding her videos here over the next several days. Enjoy!