Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “A Song for You”

Leon Russell – Gram Parsons

Two very heavily covered songs today.

In the case of the Leon Russell song, it’s a good thing it was covered, because his voice has always sounded “shot” – as if he spent three years trapped in a box, screaming until he bled. But he wrote one of the most beautiful songs ever. Covered by everybody, from The Carpenters to Ray Charles.


Gram could certainly sing his own songs, especially when joined by the lovely Emmylou Harris. I’ve got covers of this song from the Continental Drifters, Matthew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs, and Whiskeytown.


Song of the Day – “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville” – R.E.M.

Of course, I went to UGA while R.E.M. got their start – but it was a big place. I never met them and only heard them peripherally at the time. I graduated in 1981 and Murmur didn’t come along until 1983.

But there is a connection there – I know and share a birthday with the woman who is referenced in this song, who was from Rockville, Maryland.

And this is also a tribute, in a small way, to my mom, who would have turned 83 today, and who spent a lot of time in Maryland.

Song of the Day – “Lonely Town” – Stan Ridgway

And I think about those mosquitos on my windshield
How they don’t give a damn about Christmastime

The lead singer of Wall of Voodoo has released a number of great albums. I seem to have stuck to his first one, The Big Heat. But this is a great laid-back number from his follow-up, 1989’s Mosquitos.

Song of the Day – “Where You Lead” – Carole King

There aren’t many people out there more amazing than Carole King. She started out as a girl singer while at the ame time sitting in a Brill Building office, churning out dozens of classic songs with writing partner Gerry Goffin.

Then she writes and sings one of the most iconic albums of all time in 1971’s Tapestry. That album meant so much to people that thirty years later they used one of the songs as the theme to a show that was at least partially about a woman trying to remain relevant to her teenage daughter. Relevance – thirty years later!

Song of the Day – “‘39” – Queen

Dr. Brian May wrote and sang this song that focused less on his distinctive electric guitar than acoustic instruments. It’s unlike the vast majority of Queen songs, and it’s utterly charming. From A Night at the Opera.

Song of the Day – “992 Arguments” – The O’Jays

I can’t even go down to the corner
To get myself a cold, cold beer
Cause when I come back to the house
Your mouth is the only thing I’m gonna hear

Hey, it doesn’t always work out!

Things weren’t all sweetness and light for the O’Jays, who included this song on their Backstabbers album back in 1972. First they smile in your face before taking your place, then you have relationships that are full-time arguments.

Listen for the awesome xylophone work – not common in pop music.

iPhoneography Apps – Monokrom: Instantaneous Monochrome

Every so often, an app will come along that does not dazzle with the effects it brings to your images, but instead with an entirely new way to control the app. There are many apps available to change your image to monochrome, whether that is straight black and white or a tinted monochrome, and I’ve covered a few of them. Monokrom (a universal app by Darren Richards), however, does not use a raft of sliders to fine-tune your photos; rather, it uses circles it calls pucks as editing controls. The changes made by these pucks are instantly visible on the screen, with no processing wait time, making editing quick and simple. You can easily finish an editing session in under thirty seconds.


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