iPhoneography Apps – iColorama Settings: Continuous Brushing

The latest release of iColorama, in addition to adding some Bristle brushes that are amazing, added several new settings. I explained one new setting, Continuous Brushing, as best as I could on the iColorama Facebook group. Some people, however, are visual learners, so I put together this short seven-minute video to show the before-and-after effect of using the Continuous Brush setting.

The video also shows the box which pops up when the “Warning when leaving a brush” switch is on.

Here’s a screen shot of the new settings, found under iColorama in the Settings app.


One setting that I don’t illustrate in the video is “Variable color by stroke”. I recommend you turn it on. As shown in the image below, when it is off, and the Color Variation slider is increased on a brush, the color changes as you are making a single stroke. When you turn it on, the color remains the same during a single stroke, and only varies when you raise your finger/stylus and start another stroke. I think the new method is much more useful.


Here’s the final image from the video. Enjoy the Bristle brushes!



4 Responses to iPhoneography Apps – iColorama Settings: Continuous Brushing

  1. Malcolm Walker says:

    I have the latest version but no Continuous Brushing. Have tried reloading, but to no avail

    • juryjone says:

      I made a mistake. It is still in beta right now, and didn’t make it into the release. It should be available in the next release, within a couple of weeks. Sorry. Features in beta usually don’t slide to a later release like that.

  2. dobydog says:

    Just checked and it’s now there. Seems like it will be a big asset.

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