Song of the Day – “No Matter What” – Badfinger

Gods of power pop Badfinger bring us into the weekend. It’s songs like this that make people say “they just don’t make them like that anymore”.

And they don’t.


Song of the Day – “Rock with You” – Eldissa

I firmly believe that a cover needs to do something new with a song. I think that this cover of the Michael Jackson hit qualifies.

Seeing that bossa nova is not a very popular form of music over the past fifty years, a bossa nova cover is always changing the original song.

Eldissa released an album of seventies and eighties covers in 2005 called What a Difference… that still sounds fresh.

iPhoneography Apps – Polarr Part 2: A timely update

Writing tutorials for brand-new apps can result in having incorrect information published. App developers, working under a deadline, will sometimes release an app that works, but is not entirely what they wanted. The app developers will then work the final changes into an update, which may or may not change how the app works shortly after its debut.

After I wrote Part 1 of this Polarr tutorial, but before it was published, Polarr had such an update to their app. It wasn’t that the app didn’t work, or was full of bugs – it just didn’t have all the features they had planned. As we continue with part 2, I’ll point out the changes, bringing the information on this app up to date.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Will You Dance?” – The Bird and the Bee

I was introduced to The Bird and the Bee by their album of Hall and Oates covers. Their new album, Recreational Love, shows they’ve always been more than a cover band.

In the video, Simon Helberg and Patton Oswalt are driven to dance for, well, different reasons.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Destiny”

The Jacksons – Zero 7

Title track from the 1978 outing from the brothers Jackson, after they expanded to six from the original 5. It was pre-plastic surgery for Michael, and with a hefty dose of seventies fashion sense. What’s not to love?


Soul/electronica from Britain’s Zero 7, featuring vocalist Sia Furler. From 2001’s Simple Things.

Song of the Day – “Carnation” – The Jam

That Paul Weller knows how to bring a party down.

If you gave me a fresh carnation
I would only crush its tender petals
With me you’ll have no escape
And at the same time there’ll be nowhere to settle.
And if you’re wondering by now who I am
Look no further than the mirror –
Because I am the Greed and Fear
And every ounce of Hate in you.

Seriously, these words become more accurate with each passing year, as online social media encourages people to score points with a barb rather than try to understand our neighbors.

Song of the Day – “Watching the Wheels” – John Lennon

By all accounts, John Lennon was sometimes an abrasive man. He could be arrogant, cold and stand-offish. But it was still nice to see that he became much calmer and happier in his final years. Who knows what he may have given us if he had been allowed to watch the wheels for a few more years.