Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “The Bridge”

Two artists that are still going strong, after both starting in the late sixties.

Elton John – Janis Ian

Elton’s “bridge” occurred in the later part of his career. 2006’s The Captain and the Kid was an oddity: a “sequel” album to 1975’s Captain Fantastic. As you might expect, a sequel to a thirty-year-old classic doesn’t live up to expectations – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. John and Taupin can still write a ballad.


This song finds Ian near the beginning of her career – her second one. Her first five albums, running from 1967-71, were obviously from a musical prodigy – a teenager that needed experience. (Though not in the way she got it – read Society’s Child, her autobiography, if you haven’t).

Her second five albums produced most of her hits, and they wrapped up in 1978 with her second eponymous album. I don’t think the production does her any favors. It sounds more like Melissa Manchester than Janis Ian. But the song is great and so are the harmonies.


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