Song of the Day – “Burning Down the House” – Tom Jones and The Cardigans

I never would have guessed, when watching This Is Tom Jones!, a variety show from nearly fifty years ago, that Tom would remain relevant a couple of generations later, covering Talking Heads and Prince. This is a perfect combination of passionate soul from Mr. Jones and cool detachment from Nina Persson of The Cardigans. You might get what you’re after!

Entry 3 in a block of cover songs.


Song of the Day – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Susanna and the Magical Orchestra

A Norwegian duo take on the Joy Division song and make it into a downtempo masterpiece. From 2006’s Melody Mountain, an all-covers album.

Entry 2 in a block of cover songs.

Song of the Day – “One” – Three Dog Night

RIP to Cory Wells, one of the three singers for one of the best singles bands ever.

This cover of a Harry Nilsson song will kick off a group of cover songs. I don’t post too many of them, but I love it when a cover isn’t a slavish reproduction of the original. When Cory and Danny Hutton add the “Number!” dissonant harmonies to Chuck Negron’s lead vocal, it lifts this cover and makes it original.

iPhoneography Apps – Abstract Painting: It’s play time!

Some apps I’ve discussed over the years are very serious photo editing apps, giving you’re the ability to manipulate curves or eliminate color casts. Some have given users serious painting tools, such as iColorama and Pixelmator.

Some apps, though, are not serious and give users tools to experiment with or to have fun with. These tools may take the form of stickers (which I loathe) or stock-figure cutouts (not much better). Most of these fun apps are not meant to be robust editing or painting apps, and have drawbacks in the user interface that reflect their simple nature.

Today’s app, Abstract Painting by Javier Casares Villaverde, is a free app that has the look of being as much an experiment for the developer as it is for the user. It has some very nice tools for creating abstracts, but the user interface has two minor and one major drawback that may keep it from being an essential app.

The first minor (in my eyes) drawback is that it is built exclusively for the iPad, and exclusively in portrait mode. There does not seem to be any real reason why this app could not be used on the iPhone. That is in keeping with the impression that the developer was learning as he wrote this.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Made to Break Your Heart” – Los Lobos

It’s been five years for this band from east LA since their last studio album (Tin Can Trust), but they’re still ready to rock. Gates of Gold is their new one, and this is the lead-off track.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Lift Me Up”

Yes – Jeff Lynne

Yes has changed personnel drastically over the years, but most of them got back together in 1991 for the Union album. I would have liked to have seen this tour, as they sound like they’re in great form.


I’m a sucker for the style of Jeff Lynne, whether he’s heading up the Electric Light Orchestra or not. This time he’s not – it’s a track from his solo 1990 album, Armchair Theatre.

Song of the Day – “Walk the Dinosaur” – Was (Not Was)

Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

1988 brought the finest album of the producing duo known as Was (Not Was), What Up Dog. Nearly every track is flawless, and this dance-floor staple is no exception.