Song of the Day – “Ain’t Nothing But a House Party” – The Show Stoppers

A great song for all those New Year’s Eve parties out there! A minor 1968 hit from this Philadelphia group that included two of Solomon Burke’s brothers.


iPhoneography Apps – Formulas: a beautiful mess

New apps by established developers can be missteps for a variety of reasons. Last time I covered Satur8, by the developer of Decim8. Satur8 is hard to control, has no explanation of blend modes, and has not been touched since initial release.

Today’s app is Formulas, by Samer Azzam. Azzam has written the fabulous Stackables app, as well as a highly respected camera replacement app (Pro Cam XL) and a “tiny planet” video app (Living Planet). Formulas is positioned to be a “light” version of Stackables, the excellent texture app that I covered in a three-part series about a year ago. Stackables required a three-part tutorial because it is such a robust app, with many controls and options. Stackables offers layering, which allows for multiple textures to be combined and saved off as a preset, or formula. The steep learning curve means that some people would appreciate a shortcut: let others create these presets or formulas and let a user apply those formulas to their own images.

So I understand the reasoning behind Formulas, and, as you’ll see, I appreciate the results. It’s the execution that I find to be a major misstep.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Everybody Loves a Train” – Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a freak of nature. That his voice would still be as strong as it is at the age of 75 is unbelievable. On his latest album, Long Lost Suitcase, he does a lot of blues shouting, as he does on this Los Lobos cover. But even on the bluesy ballads, his voice has the waver you might expect from a man twenty years his junior.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Last Kiss”

The Explorers Club – The Blenders

On Freedom Wind The Explorers Club showed their roots in the music of the Beach Boys. And these are some deep roots, because they try and succeed is sounding just like the group in their mid-sixties era.


The Blenders are an acapella group from Fargo, North Dakota, formed long before the current renaissance of vocal groups. “Last Kiss” is a rare original acapella tune from their 1992 debut, Totally Whipped.

Song of the Day – “Missed Opportunity” – Hall & Oates

By the end of the eighties, Hall and Oates had already had their most productive part of their career. In no way, however, could they have considered their career a missed opportunity.

From 1988’s Ooh Yeah.

Song of the Day – “C Jam Blues” – Oscar Peterson

Peterson was a great jazz pianist, shown here with his trio – Ray Brown on bass and Ed Thigpen on drums.

The tune is a standard composed by Duke Ellington.

Recording engineers had a chore when recording Peterson, because he couldn’t help but scat while playing, and the piano microphone always picked up at least part of his singing, even in the studio.

Song of the Day – “Last Train” – Abigail Washburn

Dark lyrics and a beautiful melody – typical for folk/bluegrass music. The narrator has had a bad day with a gun.

People lie for a reason
Like the law they make up your mind
Police never found me when I needed ‘em anyhow
And I sure don’t need ‘em now

But the last train gives a temporary solution.

Can’t you hear
That last train come rolling
Come to carry
Old days away
Can’t you hear the hard times and hard times
Slipping away