Song of the Day – “Most of Us Are Sad” – The Eagles

Oh, weeping woman try to smile
Like the coming dawn
Most of us are sad it’s true
Still we must go on

This track, composed by Glenn and included on The Eagles’ first album in 1972, is a fitting epitaph. The rest of us must go on.


Song of the Day – “Busy Being Fabulous” – The Eagles

Glenn, Don and Steuart Smith wrote this tune from 2007’s Long Road Out of Eden. It’s not an iconic song, but it’s good enough. I’m glad that Frey, Henley, Walsh and Schmit got together for that one last album.

Song of the Day – “Rock Me on the Water” – Linda Ronstadt

The Southern California rock scene in the early seventies was almost incestuous. Here Linda Ronstadt sings a Jackson Browne tune backed by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon, right before they formed the Eagles.

Song of the Day – “Lyin’ Eyes” – The Eagles

Well, I just got done playing a week’s worth of songs in tribute to David Bowie – but we lost Glenn Frey as well. So let’s give Glenn his due.

This is one of my favorite Eagles tunes, from 1975’s One of These Nights. It led off side 2, and stalled out at number 2 on the Billboard charts, right behind Elton John’s “Island Girl”. This is a much better song.

iPhoneography Apps – GeometriCam: Fine control, but to what end?

Thanks to the exposure given to my tutorials by The App Whisperer, I occasionally am contacted by developers who want me to do an article on their new app. Such was the case with this week’s app, GeometriCam, and its developer, Giuseppe Capozzo.

Sometimes I will turn down such requests. I want my articles to come from the same place as the average user of the app, and the average user does not get free apps. I accepted a free copy of GeometriCam, but informed Signore Capozzo that he may not get the review that he expects. As I wrote to him, “I’m not a big fan of turning images into shapes; I haven’t reviewed some of the big ones like Percolator and Trimaginator, and my reviews of XnShape and Part were not glowing.” He was fine with me being honest in my review/tutorial. That’s what I like to see – a developer confident in his or her app.

So let’s take a look.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “(I Like It When You) Smile” – Harry Connick, Jr.

No big band here; just a kickin’ R&B tune from his new release, That Would Be Me.

The video is made from photos sent in by fans. Harry requested that they be pictures of things that make the fans smile. I don’t know about you, but I could use a few extra smiles.

Bowie Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “After Today”

This track is from the Young Americans sessions, and was included on the Sound + Vision box set.

Some excellent (and recognizable) saxophone playing from David Sanborn. When Bowie started out, he played saxophone as well as singing. By this time, he was leaving the horn solos to more talented players. No matter – there was no way Bowie could play like Sanborn, but there is really no way that Sanborn could perform like Bowie.


Don’t ask me what comes after today

This elegy by Tift Merritt, from See You on the Moon, is a perfect cap to this week of music of the unbelievably influential and talented David Bowie. Bowie was always forward-looking, and I’m unable to see what comes after today.