Five years of enthusiasm noted!

I almost missed it! Five years ago today, I started the blog “enthusiasm noted” about topics that interest me. I know those interests do not extend to others – I expected the response to be “Your enthusiasm has been noted. Thanks but no thanks.” Hence, the name of the blog.

It started with daily posts of my Song of the Day. I would occasionally add other posts about critical thinking, theater and photography, my other interests. All that changed in November of 2012, when I started my weekly iPhoneography app reviews/tutorials. These iPhoneography articles usually take a lot of time, with 25-50 screenshots and 1700-2500 words. They squeezed out all other entries except for the Song of the Day.

2016-02-20 12.48.41

I have a couple of hundred followers now, split fairly evenly between those drawn by Song of the Day and iPhoneography articles. I have a lot more readers than followers, and I appreciate all of them.

Eight guaranteed entries every week, with no stoppage for holidays and vacations, is a lot of work. But I want you to keep coming back, so I don’t anticipate any break in the action in the future. Thanks for your continued support!


3 Responses to Five years of enthusiasm noted!

  1. Don Simpson says:

    Thanks so much for the time you put in. The photography app reviews are the best on the net! My musical taste is not so much of a fit with yours (I’m 89!) but maybe you can broaden my appreciation of the modern genre.

  2. Meri Walker says:

    Jerry, you are a gem! I don’t tell you often enough how much I enjoy the song of the day or how much your tutorials have helped me. It’s a major milestone, five years of blogging!! Be proud. And know how grateful I am that you ARE “Enthusiasm Noted.”

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