Song of the Day – “I Don’t Want to Do Wrong” – Gladys Knight & the Pips

This wasn’t one of their hits, but it comes from their breakthrough album If I Were Your Woman from 1971, and this video is fabulous. Cousin Merald gets as close to a co-lead vocal as the Pips ever got, but then steps back into the line where he belongs.


iPhoneography Apps – Catching up: Limitless shapes in Assembly and re-purposing RipPix

It should be obvious to anyone who follows my articles (are they reviews, tutorials, or both? depends on who you ask) that I rarely write about an app and then abandon it. If the developers add new features or I find a new use for the app, then I want you to know about it. This article covers both: Assembly has added new features and RipPix, while it hasn’t been updated, got short shrift in my article on a certain use.


I covered Assembly last October, and did a follow-up when Pixite added the ability to change the proportion of shapes back in November. Their latest feature add, the ability to trim and combine shapes to create new shapes that you can then save, really adds exponentially to the capabilities of this vector-graphic app.

I’m not going to go over the basic operation of Assembly; for that, please revisit my October article. Instead, I’ll jump right into the new capabilities. I’ve added a rounded square figure and resized it to cover most of the Artboard. Then I added a shape from the Tribal pack, one of my favorites.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Magic Hour” – Aoife O’Donovan

O’Donovan, a member of Crooked Still and Sometymes Why (both folkie/bluegrass bands), branches out on her second solo release, In the Magic Hour. The first song on the album, “Stanley Park”, reminds me of Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls. This song, the second, reminds me of Rosie Vela, a backup singer who released a single solo album back thirty years ago called Zazu.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Brand New Lover”

Marshall Crenshaw – Dead or Alive

I recently came into possession of a t-shirt with the logo of the long-gone, but still remembered 688 Club here in Atlanta. On the back of the shirt is a list of some of the headliners there. This could lead to a bunch of “688 Artist” songs showing up here.

I saw Marshall Crenshaw at 688 in support of his first album, and he played this song. I still consider that album one of the finest ever made.


It fascinates me that even though punk and new wave were formed in reaction to rock excesses and disco, a large part of new wave was dance music. Dead or Alive was all about getting people on the dance floor, whether they were spinning like a record or looking for a brand new lover.

Song of the Day – “Still on Fire” – Aztec Camera

When Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits was brought in to produce Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera’s second album, Knife, it might have been thought it would become a guitar explosion. But Knopfler brought in some keyboards as well, and people went ape.

I loved the album, however.

Song of the Day – “Hoedown” – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

As I said a few days ago, few keyboard players could do such rapid-fire improvisations around a “classical” piece as Keith Emerson. But few rhythm sections could keep pace with him like Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. Listen to the syncopation!

I put classical in quotes because American composer Aaron Copland was often considered a “classical” composer, but I wouldn’t classify him that way. Copland lived from 1900-1990, and his major compositions, like “Rodeo” from which “Hoedown” is taken, were written in the thirties and forties. Copland himself wouldn’t have said his music was classical; he called it “vernacular”, or “populist”.

Song of the Day – “Dixie Storms” – Lone Justice

It’s springtime in the South, and time for those Dixie Storms, whether awful or gentle.

I received a letter, like so many others
Mama said, “How’s life in the city?
My your sister’s grown
And you just missed those awful Dixie storms
Thank God they’ve passed
Those awful Dixie storms”

And the smoke on the street
Makes me wonder why I stay away
From those gentle Dixie storms