Song of the Day – “Controversy” – Prince

Life is just a game
We’re all just the same

Because I prepare a week’s worth of Songs of the Day at a time, I can’t respond to events as quickly as I like. But last Thursday’s news of the death of Prince is something that will take a long time to process.

I chose a live version of this song to post immediately. As I’ve said over the years, Prince kept a tight hold on his music, and official videos are few and far between on the Internet. This video has popped up, and I don’t know how long it will remain available.

Prince started as a controversial figure, and managed to stay controversial throughout the past 35 years. He was an unbelievable great musician, a titan of the studio, and an electric performer. It was always hard to reconcile his retiring persona in interviews with the immediate connection he could make with millions of people onstage, as he did in that rain-soaked Super Bowl show I watch over and over.

I can’t understand how he could be gone, and I can’t comprehend how we will get along without him.


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