iPhoneography Apps – VSCO: Heavy Hitter

There are certain apps that are almost universally revered in the mobile photography/art community. I always find it difficult to review these apps and teach about them, because there are so many users who are better with them than I am. I could not presume to teach anyone how to use Procreate, for example. My art technique is weak and besides, Procreate has an excellent Artists’ Handbook that is much more clear and wonderfully illustrated than I could do. Today’s app, VSCO by Visual Supply Company, is that go-to filtering app in mobile photography, and I’ve seen many wonderful images that use VSCO. I’ve held off writing about it, but let’s give it a spin!


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Umpqua Rushing” – Blind Pilot

Israel Nebeker brings back his band, last featured here in 2011 in conjunction with their last release, We Are the Tide. This is the opening track to And Then Like Lions.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “A Long Time Ago”

David Byrne – Mary Karlzen

A snaky little number from his 1994 self-titled album. Slightly creepy, and not high-energy at all.

And in the land where I grew up
Into the bosom of technology
I kept my feelings to myself
Until the perfect moment comes

Then into your bloodstream I will go
Until I turn into a part of you
Flooding the garden of delights
That was a long long time ago


A 1993 release from alt-country artist Karlzen, who I still consider criminally underappreciated.


Song of the Day – “Airhead” – Thomas Dolby

A very creative video from the guy who’s always been blinded by science. I wish I could see it in better definition. The track comes from his 1988 CD, Aliens Ate My Buick.

“Quod erat demonstrandum, baby!”
“Ooh, you speak French!”

Song of the Day – “Sister Sadie” – James Clay

Tenor saxophonist from Dallas who played as a sideman, including in Red Mitchell’s quartet. He didn’t manage to survive until sixty, passing away in 1994.

Song of the Day – “Babylon Sisters” – Steely Dan

We Steely Dan fans were waiting a long time after Aja for their next release, and finally got it in Gaucho. We didn’t know what a long time was – we waited three years for Gaucho, but we had to wait 20 for the next, Two Against Nature.

It’s been 13 years since Everything Must Go. Will we have another?

Song of the Day – “Look at Me Now” – Electric Light Orchestra

Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood broke off from the Move to form the Electric Light Orchestra. Their first album, No Answer, was fairly evenly divided between the pop sensibilities of Lynne and the more classical taste of Wood. This Wood tune may be one of my favorites from that initial album, before Roy left to form Wizzard.