Song of the Day – “One Fine Day” – The Chiffons

Sylvia Peterson, one of the Chiffons, turns 70 today. This is one of their earliest hits, recorded before Sylvia turned 20, and was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King.


Song of the Day – “Mother Nature’s Son” – Then There Were Two

I was going to post a Beatles song (“She Said She Said”) in honor of August’s fiftieth anniversary of the Revolver album. Imagine my surprise to find out that Universal Music Group has removed all videos featuring actual Beatles music from the Internet. I guess they taught me a lesson – stop playing music for a couple of dozen readers! You’re an evil thief!

Fiona McBain and Mike Visceglia are Then There Were Two, and they have a nice touch on covers. I’ve featured them twice before.

iPhoneography Apps – Pixagram: What exactly have we got here?

I haven’t really become visible enough, even after writing articles about nearly 150 apps (more than 100 republished on the awesome and highly visible App Whisperer site), to have developers asking me to try out their apps for free. Therefore, I’m constantly on the lookout, like my readers, for free apps that give me value. Today’s app, Pixagram by Pierre Gougelet, has often been offered for free on the App Store.

A little over two years ago, I covered two other Gougelet apps, XnShape and XnRetro. There are a whole suite of “Xn” apps, each competent in their own way. Pixagram seems to be an attempt to step away from the Xn series. As it turns out, it’s not a very big step.

Pixagram is a filtering app, with a couple of nice effects that are somewhat modifiable. Whether that will be of value to you will probably be answered in this column.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “When the Tequila Runs Out” – Dawes

Just a damn good band.

From their latest release, We’re All Gonna Die. This is actually their fifth album overall, after a 2009 debut. Nothing like being productive as well as talented.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Everyday”

James Taylor – The Loafers

It’s a Buddy Holly cover – I know that. Would it be a travesty if I said I prefer James Taylor’s version to the original? I don’t care. The slower tempo makes it more expansive and a better song, in my opinion.


Everyday, things are getting worse

Time to get jittery with the ska sounds of the Loafers, a British ska revival band of the late eighties.

Song of the Day – “Shoot Out the Lights” – Richard Thompson

In the dark who can see his face?
In the dark who can reach him?
He hides like a child
He hides like a child

In 1982, Richard Thompson encountered some dark times with the breakup with his wife and musical partner, Linda. It seems to have been his fault, but that doesn’t keep the dark times from coming in.

Song of the Day – “Rambo” – Manhattan Transfer

If there was any group that I would give anything to be good enough to be a part of, this is it. The were always magical, whether vocalizing jazz numbers or singing pop or Latin music.

This performance from thirty years ago, in conjunction with their Vocalese album, shows them at their peak. With the passing of Tim Hauser two years ago, we will never see their like again.