Song of the Day – “Ghosts” – Dan Fogelberg

A lovely song from Fogelberg’s double-album The Innocent Age. The ghosts are not the spooky Halloween type, but rather the all-too-familiar ghosts of regret.

This video pairs the song with fitting views of Edgar Allan Poe.


Song of the Day – “(I Don’t Stand a) Ghost of a Chance” – Arthur Prysock

Vibes and organ – a great combination for the baritone of Arthur Prysock.

Song of the Day – “The Ghost at Number One” – Jellyfish

You can never get enough Jellyfish. They were power-pop aficionados, with fierce hooks and harmony. Sure do wish that they could have stayed together for more than three albums. This is from their second, Spilt Milk, released in 1993.

Song of the Day – “The Ghost of You Walks” – Richard Thompson

A live version of the song that first appeared on the double album you? me? us? in 1996.

The ghost of you walks right through my head
Sleepwalks at the foot of my bed
Sends old shivers over my skin
Love like that, won’t let go
It’s got some kind of a mind of its own
I can’t break out and I can’t break in

Song of the Day – “Ghost Radio” – Brian Setzer Orchestra

A blazing rocker from the modern king of rockabilly starts out a series of ghost tales for your listening pleasure. From 1996’s Guitar Slinger.

iPhoneography Apps – Good Hydrations: How much water do you need?

How many hammers do you need? Given my ability to bend any nail, I definitely need a claw hammer. I’ve got a pipe wrench with a hammer head on the back, for those frustrating moments when the pipe fitting WON’T BUDGE. But since I’m not pounding dents into or out of metal, I have no real need for a ball-peen hammer. (Besides the fact that I love the phrase “ball peen hammer”. It’s fun! Say it with me: Ball Peen Hammer.)

Why am I talking about hammers when I should be talking about iPhoneography apps? It just came to mind when I saw that another watercolor app was available for free this past weekend. It’s called Paint Logue (yes, there is a space in the middle – it’s not Paintlogue) and it is by a company called Nine Curves. It was first released in September, but it’s already on release 3.1.

At first I wasn’t even going to bother downloading it, because watercolor effects are easily obtainable in many, many apps. To use my analogy, who needs another hammer? It would have to be very special, and Paint Logue is not a special hammer. So rather than go into depth with an app that isn’t that deep, I think I’ll compare it to other watercolor effects. In addition to Paint Logue, I’ll look at Waterlogue, Becasso, Aquarella, and my go-to app, iColorama.

I’ll be using this bicycle image that I captured last week at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.


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Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Day Breaks” – Norah Jones

This is the title track from Jones’ latest, performed live at KCRW. I haven’t heard the entire album yet, but it seems to be an eclectic mix, given that “Carry On” is a country-gospel tinged tune. I think I can safely say they are all laid back.