iColorama Guest Column – Watercolor & Sketch – Heide Hoffman

Heide created a very nice tutorial about creating “unfinished” watercolors. That look has Edges that look like a sketch with the image in Watercolor painted in. Take a good look, because it’s a technique that looks great and is relatively easy for those of us with little real painting ability.


When I first saw Heide’s video, I thought, “Well, of course, you have a nice grungy paper background to use for your painting.” But I realized I could easily make my own in iColorama with just a few tricks. So I created my own paper.

2015-03-15 13.24.43

And then I used Heide’s technique to create this.

2015-03-15 13.36.41

So I put together a video to show my “paper” techniques. Enjoy!

iPhoneography Apps – Colorizing B&W images with iColorama

I recently responded to an art challenge by colorizing a black and white photo in iColorama, and was asked several times how I went about it. The video tutorial this week goes through the process of creating a different image, the one seen below.


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iColorama Guest Column – Compose – Heide Hoffman

This is the last of the guest columns that I have right now. Heide gives her own take on Compose. I am also including a “rerun” of my own video on Compose.

First, Heide.  (Time for you to make a new one!)


Then, in case you haven’t had enough, here’s mine. It also has some hints about textures.

iPhoneography Apps – iColorama Procedural: Bottled

iColorama is an app that thrives on experimentation. You see an effect and think to yourself. “How can I do that in iColorama?” Or you stumble upon an effect you haven’t tried before and think, “How can I use that?”  It was a combination of those two questions that led to the image I will be recreating in the video tutorial today. The image is called “Bottled”.


The resulting video, which uses in the neighborhood of twenty different options, runs just over 17 minutes. I realize that will be too long for many of you, but believe me – there’s a lot going on and I fly through it.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the techniques used. Enjoy!

iColorama Guest Column – Chroma – Heide Hoffman

Here’s a feature that is familiar to everyone who watched a weatherman wave at a blank wall as if there was something projected on it – Chroma. It can make for some interesting blends when you use it in your artwork, as shown by Heide Hoffman.

iColorama Guest Column – Stamped Brushes – Heide Hoffman

Another guest video from Heide. This one is on Stamped brushes, and has many tips for all brush types. Over to Heide:

iColorama Guest Column – Blur – Heide Hoffman

Here is Heide’s third video. This one covers patterned blurs, which are fascinating.


How would you use them? Often they can be used in abstracts. But consider, also, that what are textures but abstracts? Usually low contrast abstracts with no huge color changes, but abstracts none the less. Just as an example of an abstract, I made a few brush strokes in Paint mode with some Water brushes.


Next I applied Blur 28, and fiddled with the Direction and Radius sliders.


Next I used Style>Painterly>Painter 2, Style>Tensor, Effects>Sharpen>2 and Effects>Raise>2.


Finally, I built a background using Blur again: Preset>Gradient, a couple of Textures, Blur, and Water-B (in the soon-to-be-released beta). I used Effects>Blend to bring in the brushstrokes, then Tone>Enhance 4.


Kinda nice for a couple of minutes’ work. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to abstracts. How about a surreal background blur?

HBlur_05Just experiment!

iColorama Guest Column – Stamp – Heide Hoffman

Second in a series of guest articles by Heide Hoffman. This is the first video Heide produced, and it covers a feature I covered in June of 2013. Seeing it at work in a video might be helpful to you, so check it out!

iColorama Guest Column – Tritone – Heide Hoffman

About six weeks ago I mentioned that I would be throwing enthusiasm noted open to guest columnists for iColorama tips and tutorials. This is my first guest column, from Heide Hoffman. She creates video tutorials that emphasize the value of playing with settings and sliders to get familiar with the capabilities of iColorama. She started with an entry on Preset>Tritone. I’ll be adding her videos here over the next several days. Enjoy!

iPhoneography Apps – iColorama 3.85: Lots of goodies

While I was off talking about Pixelmator, there was (as usual) a lot going on with iColorama (and the sister program for iPhone, iColorama S). So much that it becomes difficult to cover everything in much detail.

Taking that into consideration, I have opened my website, enthusiasm noted, to guest posts on iColorama. It will become a repository of iColorma tutorials, with videos, procedurals and tips, all searchable through the WordPress software. These guest posts will not be cross posted on The App Whisperer, just as this paragraph will not. Look for them soon!

This will cover many of the new features of iColorama 3.85 and iColorama S 3.85. The two apps, for iPad and iPhone respectively, have (for the most part) matched capabilities as the release numbers have come into sync. I’ll try to note any differences.


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