Song of the Day – “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – The Who

A massive guitar chord, immediately throttled back to a spacey organ line, and you know the Who are ready to ready to rock and roll. This extended version from The Kids Are Alright shows a band at the top of its form.


Song of the Day – “I Saw Her Standing There” – The Beatles

The last time I posted great intros I said you don’t always need to hear the music to know the song (“Bungle in the Jungle”). Here’s more proof: just the countdown is enough for me to know it’s my favorite song from the early Beatles’ catalog. Just that little bit of roughness in Paul’s voice gave an edge to this number that wasn’t in “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “She Loves You”, “Love Me Do” or “Please Please Me”.

Song of the Day – “I Want You Back” – The Jackson 5ive

About two years ago I ran a set of songs that were immediately recognizable – some of the greatest intros in rock history. Just in case you don’t remember, these were the five songs I posted:

Baba O’Riley – The Who
For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield
Bungle in the Jungle – Jethro Tull
Just Like Heaven – The Cure
Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood

So I thought I’d add a few more songs to that list this week. Just to prove you’re all awake out there, how about passing on a few of your favorite intros – the ones you can recognize within a second or two?

Let’s start with a glissando on the piano, a thump on the bass and some rhythm guitar. By the time the voice of that wondrous prodigy Michael kicks in, you’re already in the groove.

And I’d never be able to fit into those bell-bottom slacks anymore. Anybody got some bell-tops?

Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Tame the Sun”

Male Bonding

Shades of Clutch Cargo! This London band went low-budget and retro to make the video for this song from their sophomore release, Endless Now.

Go ahead and watch it, and know that it’s still not as creepy as Clutch Cargo. Go look it up on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Don’t Look Down”

David Bowie

We have a couple of guys venturing to the islands today. Davis Bowie starts us off with a laid-back reggae version of Iggy Pop’s “Don’t Look Down” that was featured on his follow-up to the massively successful Let’s Dance.

Tonight, released in 1984, was not nearly as well-received, but it contains a few favorites of mine.


Lindsey Buckingham

The song from 1992’s Out of the Cradle starts at about 30 seconds into the video, with a Caribbean feel that never really becomes reggae or Buffett-esque.

But man, listen to the guitar intro Lindsey tacks on for the video! Sounds like a Segovia Bach transcription.

Song of the Day – “Monday Morning Rock” – Marshall Crenshaw

I defy you to have a terminal case of the Mondays after getting into this track from Crenshaw’s sophomore disc, 1983’s Field Day.

Song of the Day – “When the Hangover Strikes” – Squeeze

Well, the bachelor party I attended last night is over. This is when the hangover strikes.

From 1982’s Sweets from a Stranger.