Song of the Day – “Name’s the same” Tuesday – “Promises, Promises”

Dionne Warwick

This Bacharach/David tune is the title song for a musical with a book by Neil Simon. It was based on the Billy Wilder movie, The Apartment, which has a wonderful theme song itself.

The musical debuted in 1968 and ran for 1281 performances. The Warwick version of the song went to #19 on the Billboard charts.


Naked Eyes

Naked Eyes, the British synthpop duo, had their own hit covering a Bacharach/David tune, “Always Something There to Remind Me”. Their song called “Promises, Promises” actually peaked higher than Warwick’s, just missing the Top Ten.


Song of the Day – “Puttin’ on the Ritz” – Taco

In 1983, you could pair an Indonesian-born Dutch singer with an Irving Berlin song and produce magic. Well, not magic, but certainly a hit.

Personally, my favorite version of this song will always be the late, great Peter Boyle singing “Poon onna Reee-uh!”.

Song of the Day – “Primitive” – Annie Lennox

These days, Annie Lennox may be best known for her contribution to The Lord of the Rings – her vocals on the Oscar-winning track, “Into the West”. But this lovely lady has been making great music for decades, from her debut with the Tourists, to her splinter group with Dave Stewart (the Eurythmics) to her solo work over the last two decades.

This is a beautiful song from her 1992 disc, Diva.

Song of the Day – “Psychedelic Shack” – The Temptations

Back in the late ‘60s, when I was but a lad, people were constantly searching for “where it’s at”. Most of the time, that meant a state of mind, like when you were asked “where’s your head at”.

The Temptations tell us, in this Whitfield/Strong tune, that “where it’s at” is an actual place. Right around the corner, just across the tracks is the Psychedelic Shack. I can guarantee this place will blow your mind, and you will learn the meaning of soul.

Song of the Day – “Proto-Pretty” – The Wondermints

The Wondermints are an L.A. band whose sound goes back to 30 years before their debut in 1995. That debut was culled from multiple home-recorded tapes that were released locally. People such as Eric Carmen of the Raspberries and Chris Carter of Dramarama paid attention, and they actually scored a number on the soundtrack of the first Austin Powers movie.

But their most significant contribution cams when Brian Wilson picked them to tour with him and help him complete the masterpiece that was 30 years in the making, Smile.

Song of the Day – “Pull Shapes” – The Pipettes

Two and a half years ago, when I first posted a song by the Pipettes, my description of them was so spot-on that I can’t say any more about them. So here’s what I said:

The Pipettes are a throwback girl group from the UK that just can’t seem to stay together. All the original vocalists, who collaborated on their one and only CD back in 2006, have left the band. Only time will tell if a new Pipettes group will try a follow-up.

In the meantime, their CD is brilliant, with songs that could have been sung by tuff-girl groups 40 years ago.

Song of the Day – “New Music” Wednesday – “Hell No (I’m Not Alright)” – Nanci Griffith

The lovely Nanci Griffith is not usually political. And if you listen to the lyrics of this song from her new CD, Intersection, you’ll hear a song about a jilted lover.

The video, however, takes those lines and makes the American people the jilted lover, abandoned by the country we hold so dear. And hell no, we’re not alright.